The Mayan Train BOOM!

The launch of the Mayan Train seemed far away, but today it is a reality that goes hand in hand with the significant increase in the value of land. Investing in the Riviera Maya has been one of the best options in recent years to diversify the investment portfolio due to the great stability in the growth of the tourism sector.

          Since the announcement of the Mayan Train project, there has been much speculation about the land and tourism real estate development opportunities, especially in hotels and luxury real estate, the latter focused on the Mexican and foreign markets, highlighting investments by US and Canadian citizens.

         The railway connection between Cancun and the southeast of Mexico is a great boost for this type of investment, which is why the launch of the Mayan Train generated a considerable increase in the capital gains of real estate by 2023. If you want to invest in the Mexican Caribbean, time is against you because the real estate boom is on the rise.

        According to the statement by the president of the National Council of directors of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), the real estate market in Quintana Roo increased the value of capital gains by up to 8 percent this year.

          Connectivity is one of the main points that give value to the land, with the railway infrastructure a new tourism dynamic will be generated by connecting several regions of high cultural value in Mexico, with the operation of the Mayan Train real estate investments will be further detonated . and industrial. It should be noted that with the Mayan Train the connection with 3 (Chetumal, Cancún and Tulum) of the 4 international airports in the state of Quintana Roo will be facilitated. In addition, it will reduce the overload of vehicles on the Cancún-Tulum highway, improving the times and fluidity of said highway.

The Riviera Maya has 4 train stations, from north to south:

Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

         The growth of connectivity facilitates the movement of tourists, thus generating a greater flow of tourists throughout the Riviera Maya, potentializing an increase in capital gains and profitability, so investing in these strategic points will allow you to obtain passive income taking into consideration the multiple benefits, listed below:

o Increase in tourist flow in the southeast

o Reactivation of regional economies

o Development of the hospitality and agroindustrial industry

o Growth of real estate development

o Investment attraction

          With the Mayan Train in motion, great expectations are expected for regional development, as well as a greater flow of investments, both from national and foreign companies, and greater real estate liquidity.

Investing in real estate, the best opportunity

        The Mayan Train route directly benefits the real estate and hotel sectors, they are an essential part of the economic growth of the Riviera Maya in the face of the growing demand from national and international tourism.

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INVEST TODAY, because: “The best investment on earth is land”

Louis Glickman

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